The 2023’s Guide to Digital Marketing Salary

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Want to start or switch your career to digital marketing but worried about the salary range? Stop thinking and start preparing yourself to get into the highest paid job down the lane of five years.  

Yes, you read that right! Although it requires a few hard skills to start with, you need not have to hold a certificate to become a digital marketeer. Furthermore, companies are evaluating presently and setting competitive salary for this role. 

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Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? 

In last few years, digital marketing is one of the rapidly growing industries and offers a range of opportunities in various verticals. Getting into the digital world requires love for digital media, technology and have futuristic approach. If you have these, then digital marketing is the right platform for you.   

Factors That Affect Your Pay 


Regardless of sector, work experience is one of the most important things that decide your pay range accordingly. However, in digital marketing, consistent work and a good portfolio of your works with good amount of experience would be an added benefit. 


Having skills that add-on to your profile is always great. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the jack of all trades. However, when it comes to the digital marketing sector, having relevant skills could definitely help you earn more.  

For instance, a social media marketer with copywriting, content writing, paid social skills are appealing and an asset to the employee than just a social media marketer with no extra skills. 


Starting from small is always a better way to have a consistent career graph, which also affects on your salary range in digital marketing sector. It’s always better to start off in a start-up where the pay might not be appealing, but your learning curve in just a year would be must greater. 

Job Title 

As you make way to the corporate world, digital marketing manager makes a lot more than the digital marketing executive as the digital marketing manager has more responsibilities and expertise than an executive.  

Considering the growth in the industry for the past few years, digital marketing would definitely be one of the top industries. Presently, graduate holders and experienced professionals – irrespective of the background they come from – are eyeing on the digital marketing industry, which is resulting in wide career opportunities. 

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