10 Top Sales Podcasts That Help You Up Your Skillset

Sales Podcasts
Sales Podcasts

Our attention span is limited. But there’s no end to learning new skills. After a hard day fulfilling sales targets, binge-watching the next new series on Netflix is the first thing that comes to mind. Opening up your sales books or checking out the latest YouTube videos on sales is taxing. And sales podcasts can be a great alternative. You do not have to sit in one place and stay glued to your gadget. Podcasts give you the ease to listen to great quality content from any corner of your house, anytime.

Here is our list of the top sales podcasts for all the sales pros who love to stay updated. Let’s get started now.

10 Interesting Sales Podcasts to Up Your Skillset

1 Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy podcast is the quick-tip recipe you need to win big on your sales goals. Run by the renowned author of People Buy You, Jeb Blount, this podcast is perfect for anyone pressed for time but in dire need of some help. Most of his podcasts span 5-10 min, although few of them can last for an hour or more. Blount covers some important and interesting topics such as sales objections, negotiation, and strategies. You can listen to Sales Gravy podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. 

2 The Sales Evangelist

Hosted by Donald C Kelly, The Sales Evangelist is a near-daily podcast. It covers everything from the basics to other important skills. Kelly is a famous public speaker, and through this podcast, he deep dives into several high-level sales issues. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your sales gigs, Kelly’s episodes are sure to add value to your skills and thought process. Give this podcast a shot for sure!

3 B2B Growth Show

As the name suggests, this podcast is tailor-made for all the B2B sales professionals striving for growth. James Carbary and Jonathan Green host insightful episodes on punchy, current business topics that B2B sales pros relate to. The podcast doesn’t limit itself to sales-related topics alone. It also offers tips and tricks on leadership, buyer personas, creating referral programs, etc., that sales executives love. You can listen to this podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

4 In the Arena

This is the brainchild of the noted sales expert Anthony Iannarino. As an entrepreneur, sales coach, and the founder of The Sales Blog, Iannarino offers you exclusive content on a wide array of topics such as sales automation, social selling, and more. He also interviews famous sales professionals from the B2B and B2C organizations who offer valuable inputs based on their experiences. Check this podcast on iTunes or Android and up your skills now.  

5 Accelerate!

Accelerate! is a popular podcast run by Andy Paul, a sales strategist and charming speaker who captivates you with his information-loaded episodes. He talks about everything that sales professionals care about – from hiring rockstar sales reps to equipping them with the right tools and more. He also interviews some of the big shots from the sales fraternity, such as Jeff Shore, Jill Konrath, and Mark Hunter. Tune to his episodes on iTunes and Stitcher.

6 The Sales Babble Podcast

If you work for a small or medium-sized business firm, The Sales Babble Podcast is for you. Created by Pat Helmers, this podcast talks about several sales topics in an easy-to-understand manner. Helmers’ explanation in simple, plain language is the main highlight of this podcast. He covers several topics ranging from setting the right mindset, winning referrals, prospecting to specific topics like selling unproven products, selling to government institutions, and more. Check out the podcast on iTunes and Android.

7 The Sales Podcast

If you need a straightforward, no-nonsense podcast suggestion, The Sales Podcast is your pick. Hosted by Wes Schaeffer, this podcast covers the answers to your questions on inbound selling, growing your sales, etc. Catch up on the latest episodes on iTunes and Stitcher. The episodes last from 25 minutes to 90 minutes.

8 The Failure Factor

Sales professionals are always daunted by the fear of missing their quota or falling short of their goals. The Failure Factor is tailor-made to address these fears. And also offer practical and valuable tips. Megan Bruneau, the host, therapist, and host of this podcast, offers great strategies to help salespeople cope with their fears and focus on their goals. Listen to her intuitive episodes on iTunes and TuneIn.

9 Sell of Die

 Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow host this incredible podcast – Sell or Die – that talks in detail about the art and science of selling. Although the title sounds a little aggressive, their episodes offer practical tips for sales professionals on various issues. The hosts interview renowned sales big shots and compile episodes that are information-loaded.  

10 Young Hustlers

The interesting podcast episodes run by Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer you everything you need to succeed in your sales goals. The power-packed episodes offer listeners a playbook for success and include a mixed bag of topics such as entrepreneurship, personal branding, self-improvement, and much more.

 Check out these podcasts today and let us know which ones you like the best. Don’t forget to share among your peers and friends.

Happy Selling!

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