3 Things To Know Before You Market to Gen Z

3 Things To Know Before You Market to Gen Z

Face it – younger generations simply don’t understand the older ones and vice versa. For a marketer, this is an important ground they need to cover when devising marketing strategies.

For brands, success relies on its ability to connect with customers, regardless of their generation type. This brings us to the question of understanding different generations, which further narrows down to Generation Z. 

So who’s actually Generation Z? This is the generation who has lived with the internet ever since their lives began. Born between 1997 to 2012, they have been dubbed “Digital Natives” because they had access to portable digital technology from a very young age. 

And the most important part – their numbers are in billions. They make a massive amount of population in any market, and command billions of dollars in consumer spending.

For marketers, identifying their needs and what their lives are synonymous with is crucial. Which technologies they prefer, what social media platforms attract them the most, etc., are some questions that must be answered prior to devising the marketing strategy. 

Alternatively saying, there are a few Gen Z trends you must be aware of. Your awareness can help you direct your marketing investments on the path that aligns with the needs of this generation. Therefore, before you market to Gen Z, here are 3 things you should know.

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They prefer omnichannel marketing

Members of the Generation Z may spend more time on electronic media, but that doesn’t mean they are married to their digital devices. On the contrary, they have been observed to be more concerned than older generations. Such characteristics make them highly responsive to innovative and futuristic concepts, like omnichannel.

Using an omnichannel approach, therefore, can bear great results, if you are wishing to market to Gen Z. 

Figure out unique ways to interact with Gen Z and make them engage with your brand on their own terms. Their response to integrated shopping will definitely be better than compared to traditional methods of buying.

They value brand experience  

This group values loyalty and trust. If you create a positive experience with your Gen Zers, you will win them for life. 

Consider a situation where a customer bought something from your online store that turned out to be damaged. Now you can do two things here being the seller: offer her/him a replacement or refund the amount spent. Either way, you have created an unpleasant experience for the consumer. Now, instead of the aforementioned two options, if you come back with a third option where you send out a personalized note to the customer highlighting your mistakes and promising to never repeat it – along with the product bought plus the exact refund amount – you will have a customer who will come to your store first before checking out anywhere else.

The love videos

We all are aware of the popularity of apps like TikTok and Reels, which are now dominated by Gen Z. According to Statista, “Generation Z spends 40% of their digital time in watching online video content.” 

Investing in video marketing to promote your business can provide faster and instant results. As long as your videos are interesting and talk about areas that are related to Generation Z, you will dominate your product/service sector. 

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