A Direct Mail Campaign Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Here’s How.


We live in a technology age where everything is done digitally, even when it comes to sharing messages. It is one of the reasons why social media has been so successful. Social media has helped even the savviest of companies to reach their potential customers and will probably grow in the future. 

With the advancements of new digital marketing strategies, marketers have stopped relying on good old methods like direct mail. But just like they say, “Old is gold.” Despite not being around for a long time, some traditional methods still work.  

In this case, let’s see how a direct mail campaign boosts your digital marketing strategy. 

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What Is a Direct Mail Campaign? 

Direct mail campaigns are one of the oldest ways of sharing messages. It is an advertising material sent to potential customers in the form of postcards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc. People usually receive them in their physical mailboxes. 

Nowadays, mailboxes are often found empty since we use email, be it for social or business correspondence. When it comes to receiving bills, we also get them electronically. 

How Does a Direct Mail Campaign Boost Digital Marketing Strategy? 

Unlike email, direct mail campaigns are tangible. Even if the recipients don’t feel like reading it, they may touch it, take a peek inside, and then, throw it away if they want.  

However, the same isn’t true for mass-marketing emails. People don’t even open it if they don’t like it, which eventually gets deleted. Sometimes, many emails go to spam. Some are not even delivered to the inboxes of potential clients. This happens when receivers apply the filter to get rid of spam. 

But when you combine a direct mail campaign with an email as a part of your digital marketing strategy, it can do wonders. People may ignore your email but they will surely take a look at the direct mail since they receive it in hand. So, when your email doesn’t work, your direct mail campaign will. 


People consider email as the most effective means to reach potential clients instantaneously and inexpensively. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that direct mail campaigns don’t work. In fact, an email campaign could be more effective in boosting your digital marketing strategy if it is used in association with direct mail campaigns. 

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