Belkin’s Mount Camera Can Turn Your iPhone Into a Webcam

Belkin’s innovative mount allows for easy and convenient access to Continuity Camera that allows Mac users to utilize their iPhone as a webcam. Robust iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac desktops and displays supports adjustable viewing angles too.

Apple is constantly improvising its gadgets and launching new accessories that are in demand, so it helps its customers and makes the work easy. Recently, Apple produced an announcement of launching a continuity camera to make the user experience easier.   

Any working professional might find it irritating to frequently adjust the camera during facetime calls. A superior-quality webcam or an extension can sort out the problem. 

To resolve this issue, Apple recently showed off the Belkin accessory during its announcement of Continuity Camera — an iOS 16 / macOS Ventura feature that turns your iPhone into an excellent webcam. These innovative mounts allow for easy and convenient access to Continuity Camera—a new feature in macOS Ventura that allows Mac users to utilize their iPhone as a webcam. The camera has a hook that latches onto your laptop’s display and MagSafe that magnetically attaches either to your iPhone or Mac up in portrait or landscape mode. This allows the cameras to see you and is perfect for hands-free streaming or chatting as well. 

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Belkin’s Continuity Camera Mounts 

Belkin’s mount – you simply snap the mount to the back of your iPhone, then use the built-in clip to attach it to the lid of your MacBook. The attachment is relatively small, which presumably means this will only work on MacBooks, not thicker displays like the Studio Display or iMac. In addition, the robust iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac desktops and displays supports adjustable viewing angles from vertical to 25 degrees downward tilt.  

Features and Specifications  

  • MagSafe compatible magnetic attachment for iPhone.  
  • Safe and secure attachment to Mac laptops.  
  • Optimized for Continuity Camera in macOS Ventura.  
  • Ring grip and kickstand for viewing videos and more.  
  • Works with MagSafe-compatible cases.  
  • Price: $29.95  

Price & Availability  

Mac users rejoice – Belkin has announced that their desktop and display version of the popular software is “coming soon.” This news comes hot on the heels of Apple’s announcement that their new macOS Ventura update with Continuity Camera will launch on October 24. MagSafe for Mac Notebooks will be available from the Apple store for $29.95. Whether you are a diehard fan of either company, there is no denying that this is exciting news for anyone who uses a Mac!  

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