Can Electric Vehicles Promise Us a Greener Planet?

Electric Vehicles

If you’ve been waiting for the electric vehicles (EV) boom, 2021 seems like the starting point for it. Several countries are experimenting with EV to enter an emission-free future, and 2021 is seeing an upsurge in their sales. Tesla, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagon, and many other automakers are investing billions in electric sedans and SUVs. General Motors has stated that it will eliminate gasoline and diesel cars by 2035. Even the stocks of EV companies have skyrocketed in the last year as everyone is gearing up for the boom.

Surprisingly, the invention of electric vehicles happened much earlier and can be attributed to various people from the second half of the 19th century. For instance, Robert Davidson is credited for building the first electric locomotive powered by galvanic cells. Gustave Trouvé is known for creating the first human-carrying electric vehicle with its own power source. The search for an alternate form of fuel had lead to these inventions. But today, the drastic effects on the global climate due to the emissions from internal combustion emission engines have accelerated the need for EVs.

Can electric vehicles really protect our planet? Let’s dive deep to understand further.

Contribution of Electric Vehicles for Safer Environment

According to the United Nations, we have just a decade to prevent irreversible damage to the climate. The harmful gases emitted by ICE automobiles have choked the atmosphere and polluted it way beyond repair. The only solution to saving the planet and creating a safer environment is EVs. Why? Because there are several advantages of EVs like:

  • Reduced emissions: Electric vehicles emit way lesser greenhouse gases compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts. Pure electric cars that come with no exhaust pipe produce no carbon dioxide emission at all. Breathing less polluted air is now possible!
  • Low maintenance cost: While the cost of buying an EV depends on the brand you choose, the cost of running and maintaining it is cheaper than ICE cars. The lower cost of electricity results in reducing your spending on EVs. It also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Calmer, quieter driving experience: Switching to electric vehicles offers you a quieter and relaxing driving experience. Since EVs don’t require multiple gears and come without gearboxes or torque convertors, they are lighter and easy to drive.
  • Energy efficiency: One major advantage of EVs is energy efficiency. Electric vehicles don’t consume electricity when they are stationary, unlike regular fuel vehicles. This further reduces emissions and protects the environment.

Making Way for Electric Everything Ecosystem

EV boom cannot be limited only to creating new electric automobiles. We have to reimagine the entire transportation. Plugging in EVs in public transport, for ridesharing, and even food delivery is something other non-auto manufacturers like Facedrive are focusing on. More than the manufacturing of electric vehicles, creating an electric everything ecosystem is beneficial. This keeps an overall check on the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

EVs and the Future

Numerous new models from different auto manufacturers are expected to hit the market in the coming years. Ford’s Mustang Mach-E SUV went for sale in 2020, and the company is planning to launch the F-150 pickup truck in 2022. The ultra luxury auto giant Bentley will be launching its first electric vehicle in 2025. General Motors has ambitious plans of converting 40% of the US models into battery EVs by the end of 2025.

The future for EVs look pretty promising. But the next challenge is to build good many charging stations for electric vehicles. How the electric vehicle market will transform in the coming years is something we must wait and watch.

So, are you planning to buy an EV soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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