Digital Trends That Will Rule Marketing in 2022

Digital Trends That Will Rule Marketing in 2022

Marketing trends are changing – as a part of the digital overhaul because of COVID – making it clear we have crossed every typical marketing tipping point. It’s time to explore the new digital trends and capitalize on opportunities offered by the growing landscape of pandemic-driven marketing. 

With the last quarter of 2021 already in progress, you must strive to discover your brands positioning for 2022. You must play a prominent role in the emerging marketing forms that will dominate 2022. The ability to harness upcoming digital trends using existing technologies will separate forward-thinking marketers from the rest.

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#5. Near-human chatbots

If you have availed support from any popular platform, you must be already familiar with this experience. Support in 2021 isn’t limited to daytime, surge hours, and location. Today, you get 24/7 support, quality service at any time of the day, and get satisfactory answers irrespective of where you are. AI-powered chatbots, which are behind this extraordinary skill, are enabling brands to connect with the customers faster and better.

In 2022, the personalization, chatbots are efficient at, is about to expand. Expect information accuracy that is no less than humans and resolutions at the very first interaction.

#4. AR-enabled virtual experiences

AR technology is the new favorite of global brands, but it is soon coming to every potential business. Businesses have understood if they can offer customers the experience of using their product or service before buying, they can funnel our more purchase-oriented prospects. 

In 2022, AR-centric marketing will get more customers and marketers must work towards incorporating them.

#3. Virtual Events

Nobody ever imagined they would go to a summit or expo virtually. 

Events were emerging out to be one of the most promising ventures for businesses. They would meet new clients, explore new investment opportunities, and even secure talents. It was at its peak in 2019 when things came crashing down because of the pandemic. This led to virtual events, 

What happened because of a nationwide lockdown and to save prior investment took the shape of a new trend. And this trend is about to touch base with mainstream events in 2022. 

#2. Dynamically consumable content 

Blogs are textual and will always be. But marketers innovated vlogs (video blogs), podcasts, and other ways of content creation that were informative and influential at the same time. Today we are seeing “Listen” options on blog pages that allow readers to listen rather than read a blog they might be interested in. 

Marketers who will explore similar other opportunities for making their contents consumable in dynamic ways will easily appeal to their target audience in 2022. 

#1. Mobile indexing

Google offers 2 types of indexing today – regular and mobile. Regular indexing works on all websites irrespective of their level of existence. Mobile indexing works for only those specific websites that can execute and operate optimally on a mobile device. Features like quick load time, navigation, screen options, visual clarity, etc., contribute to mobile indexing. 

Markets who will ensure their content is mobile-friendly will gain an edge over competitors in 2022. 

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