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Free SEO Tools That Can Provide Competitive Advantage as a Beginner 

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Analyzing your website and monitoring its performance is important for any business, especially small businesses. Keeping track of your website’s performance can help you identify any issues that may be affecting its ranking in search results.  

If you’ve ever thought about why your website isn’t ranking well in search engine results, you probably already know that you can find out the answer with the help of advanced SEO tools. 

But, what if you could figure it out with free SEO tools? Here, in this article, you’ll get to know about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools which is beginner-friendly yet offers professional-grade help concerning search engine optimization.  

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Free Tools Included in AWT 

Indexability Report 

AWT’s Indexability report is an important resource for website owners as it helps to identify any indexing issues with a site. This report is crucial for ensuring that pages are visible to search engines and can bring in search traffic.  

Besides, it also helps to detect canonicalization issues and misplaced no index tags that could impact a site’s ability to be indexed and ranked in search results. 

Links Report 

With the Links report, you can identify orphan pages, dead-end pages, or pages with links to broken external pages. By ensuring all links on your site are working and directing users to relevant and valuable content, you can improve the overall health of your website and help search engines understand its structure and purpose. 

Content Report 

By analyzing the Content report in AWT, you can identify any on-page optimization issues that may be impacting your search engine rankings. These issues may include issues with title tags, for instance. This report is a valuable resource for small business owners looking to improve their website’s ranking and visibility on SERPs. 

Internal Pages Report 

Response codes such as 4XX and 5XX, especially the 404 code for non-existing pages, can harm the user experience on a website. This can lead to a higher bounce rate and lower engagement with the site. 

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools can help identify any broken pages on a website through its Internal Pages report. This report not only highlights the pages with broken links but also shows the number of referring domains to those pages. By viewing this information, small business owners can quickly identify which pages need to be fixed to improve the user experience. 

Furthermore, the report can also highlight pages that are using the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS, which can also hurt search engine rankings as part of the Page Experience signals. By fixing these issues, business owners can improve their website’s security, user experience, and search engine ranking. 


Ahrefs Webmaster Tools can offer a comprehensive analysis of your website for free, making it a valuable resource for small business owners who want to improve their website’s performance. These tools can provide insights into factors such as keyword optimization, on-page ranking factors, technical SEO issues, backlink profiles, and much more.  

By using these tools, you can identify and address any issues that may be affecting your website’s search engine ranking, helping to improve its visibility and attract more traffic. 

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