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How Automation Can Help Sellers Sell and Marketers Market Better

How Automation Can Help Sellers Sell and Marketers Market Better
Let’s look at the areas where automation can help you or your sales and marketing teams to transform selling and marketing

The pandemic has made selling and marketing harder. It’s time you introduced automation to your sales and marketing teams that will help them achieve their numbers like before. 

In-store shopping is going down like shares plummet in stock markets during a given bad day. People are relying more on buying things online, even if they are available at a fair price in the nearest physical store. A PwC’s 2020 Global Consumer Insights survey proves the same. From the research, 86% of customers say they will continue shopping online even post social distancing. 

The changing landscape of trust may present new challenges. As leaders, your approach to market and sell needs to evolve. Hitherto, it becomes highly imperative that you leverage tactics that produce real results. 

Today, let’s look at the areas where you or your sales and marketing teams can use automation technologies to transform selling and marketing. 

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Product/service automation

Whether or not you operated online in the past, it’s time to get your business online. If you think that yours is a business that cannot be made possible online, think again. 

Websites are 24/7. They will help you showcase your business portfolio, take in order requests at any hour, and keep your business running during non-working hours and weekends. 

Save time by making your customers access your business online. It saves time and helps reduce a lot of costs. 

CX and support automation

Let bots work alongside your employees to auto-update information instead of doing it manually. These and many such activities that can be easily processed without human intervention must use automation. 

Automation not only frees employees from various tedious tasks, but also prevents them from burnout – a pressing issue according to a Monster Survey. Furthermore, your workforce can direct their focus and time to more strategic customer-facing activities. 

Automated bots can also interact with your customers during non-office hours to uphold your standards of excellence. 

Lead nurturing with email marketing automation

With the right email marketing automation tool, you can set up a process by which your prospects get persuasive, useful content at regular intervals. 

Pitching the right content and maintaining a periodic routine keeps your business in the visibility and increases the possibilities of wavering them into a customer. 

Sales and marketing automation

Repetitive mundane tasks abound sales and marketing. 

In sales: leads allocation, logging customer details, allocating calls to agents, scheduling sales calls and follow-ups, etc. 

In marketing: social media promotions, email marketing, promotional events, etc.

Think about your sales or marketing person spending time on these instead of closing deals faster and quicker. A survey says, sales staff are only able to spend 24% of their time selling. Now think about what they will be able to achieve if you free the 76% of time they spend performing low, non-productive duties. 

Finally, you must understand that automation is not the future – it is now. Use the above ideas of workflow automation and pioneer some of your own to unlock the full potential of your firm.

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