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How Marketing Operations Can Improve Marketing ROI

marketing operations

Many marketers do not consider marketing operations as a key factor in the success of marketing. They rarely think about how operational issues affect the overall success of a marketing strategy. 

This limited view of the scope of marketing operations to achieve success is a perspective that has to fundamentally change. By ignoring marketing operations, marketers are missing out on significant opportunities, as there happens to be an immense return on investment (ROI) in marketing operations. 

The advancement of modern marketing has seen rapid growth in the marketing operations function. Today, marketing operations have a pivotal role in marketing intelligence and the development and management of marketing functions. 

Marketing operations is central to marketing success 

Marketing operations ultimately make all the difference between marketing organizations that function smoothly and respond to marketplace challenges or opportunities and those that do not. 

Marketing operations is a top priority for marketing leaders 

According to the findings of a recent independent research study conducted by Brand Maker, marketing operations has become the top priority for marketing leaders in 2021. 62 percent of marketers responded that marketing operations were a priority, ranking higher than key areas like lead generation and brand building. 

Marketing operations is a core function of a modern marketing organization 

The research proves that marketing operations have evolved to become a core function that is critical for modern marketing organizations to operate efficiently and with agility. 

Marketing leaders must develop programs to ensure that marketing budgets, technology, and marketing processes are managed efficiently, to deliver maximum business impact. 

In the absence of a robust marketing operations strategy, marketing leaders face the risk of missing new growth horizons and major opportunities. 

Let us explore five ways in which marketing operations can achieve high ROI for marketing organizations. 

Approach marketing like a business

Marketers must focus on activities that strengthen the pipeline. It is important to have visibility of marketing performance. Marketers should quickly be able to reallocate budgets based on what works best in the marketing strategy.

With a combination of marketing, data, technology, and analytics, marketing operations enables marketers and marketing leaders to better understand how marketing initiatives affect the brand, customer growth, and revenue generation. Marketing operations allow marketers to handle marketing activities like a business, with reliable return on investment analysis. This allows marketing leaders to allocate marketing budgets and team resources to those marketing programs that are most effective.

Enhance campaign management and planning 

Marketing campaigns should be customized and tailored to address different market segments or geographies. Global organizations face significant challenges in adapting and localizing campaigns across different markets and regions. This allows marketers to capture local audiences while retaining the campaign’s key message.

Research from Brand Maker found that 90 percent of marketing teams believe their struggles with coordinating global campaigns impacts their marketing initiatives. 

Coordination of the work of agencies and stakeholders at a single point of information is also vital to determining the success of global campaigns and achieving high ROI. 

Marketing operations give marketers a glimpse of what is working well and what is not. It pushes them to rapidly update and evolve marketing plans to achieve overall business success. How quickly organizations can go to market with new marketing campaigns and content across various regions ultimately drives ROI. 

Address evolving market demands 

Global marketing teams are constantly required to plan and implement strategic and effective marketing programs in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. 

To achieve success, marketers have to think out-of-the-box, react instantly and execute marketing campaigns rapidly. This demands both effectiveness and agility. Global marketing teams will need to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, with the support of robust systems that automate visibility, access to content, workflows, as well as real-time results from a unified platform. 

The Brand Maker study revealed that 94 percent of marketing executives reported that inefficient marketing operations and workflows are barriers to responding effectively to evolving market landscapes. 

Marketing operations can enable marketers to create campaigns that can respond to market changes with agility. Marketers will be able to push products into the market faster, deliver more relevant messaging and build brand value. 

Optimize budget management  

Marketing leaders are constantly pressured to improve finances and budget management for marketing plans and programs. They must effectively plan marketing budgets and manage costs, track the return on investment of money spent. They must measure the effectiveness of campaigns and understand the impact of marketing on business objectives. 

Marketing operations can improve the ability to track investments throughout the marketing cycle. This allows businesses to become more competitive. Marketers should consider investing in a comprehensive marketing and financial management solution that offers budget transparency, increase the organization’s understanding of marketing return on investment and boost marketing alignment with customer experience strategy. This level of transparency allows executives to drive business strategies more effectively. 

Boost creativity and morale of the team 

Inefficient marketing operations lead to wasting precious time on repetitive tasks that lead to virtually no tangible success. The post-pandemic business landscape has shown that marketing teams need to be highly flexible. Thus, it is necessary to constantly evolve marketing processes to achieve maximum success. 

As global markets continue to evolve rapidly, marketing operations are fast becoming more closely aligned with the creative aspects of marketing. To succeed, marketing teams need to deliver customized, original and captivating campaigns. This is largely dependent on marketing operations being efficient and agile. 

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