How to Effectively Reach Gen Z With Social Media Advertising


Gen Z, also known as Zoomers, are the ones born between the year 1997 to 2012. These are often the people who don’t know of a time without the internet, or more like social media and online messaging. Due to this reason, marketers sometimes assume reaching Gen Z is a daunting task. 

Well, it may be a little daunting but marketing to Gen Z isn’t impossible. The only thing you need to do is take time to understand them and learn what makes them click.  

In this post, we’ll teach you the three best approaches to effectively reach Gen Z with social media advertising. 

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1. Create Attention-Grabbing Content  

Center your social media advertising around content that grabs attention. The content types that mainly attract Generation Z are  


Video consumption is higher for both Gen Z and millennials. According to a report, both watch videos for at least one hour a day on social media apps. So, ensure to create attention-grabbing videos, be it long-form, short-form or bite-sized.  

Furthermore, Gen Z loves raw and unedited content. Thus, focus on creating live content too. 


About 55% of Gen Z love watching memes. Therefore, make sure to create memes as a part of your advertising strategy and share them regularly on different social media platforms. 

Interactive Content  

Persuade Gen Z to interact with your content by adding interactive elements like stickers, sliders, polls, etc. Ask questions or request feedback in your captions to encourage them to share their opinions.  

Infotainment Content 

Most of the time, Gen Z uses social media to stay updated on news or to educate themselves. Since they are also interested in entertainment, the best way to reach them is by creating content that combines information and entertainment.  

2. Build a community 

Create a community by starting your very own Facebook group. You may also host IG lives and Twitter Spaces regularly.  

However, make sure that your sole aim shouldn’t be about selling but offering value to the Zoomers. For instance, instead of directly selling a product, organize discussions and contests that can benefit your Gen Z audience. If possible, try inviting experts and let them answer the community questions on your live show. 

Additionally, you can also share offers and discount codes in your community now and then. But do share them as community-only or limited-time deals. 

3. Partner with Influencers  

The third most effective way to reach Gen Z is by pairing up with influencers. Not just any influencer but those in the relevant niche. Since Zoomers follow influencers and trust their recommendations, it only makes sense to partner with them as a part of your social media marketing strategy.  

Look for micro-influencers who are interested in your product/service or the niche as a whole. It will help the content look more genuine. Besides, it’s the key to making your influencer marketing strategy work. 

Wrapping Up 

Hope the above points made the task of reaching Gen Z less daunting. Just remember that you need to create engaging content, use influencer marketing and share authenticity and values. Once you start implementing them, you’ll see that you’re closer to reaching your target.

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