Learn Effective UX Strategy To Retain Customers

Learn Effective UX Strategy To Retain Customers
Learn Effective UX Strategy To Retain Customers

Customer retention is one of the most important areas of marketing and an effective UX strategy can help you with that. It can help you increase sales while spending less money on advertising. It’s not an easy task and it compiles a multitude of strategies, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.  

From applications to websites, user experience (UX) is essential for a business’s success online. And poor usability is the number one reason that online companies fail.

Strategic and intentional UX has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%. Effective UX strategy leads to a better customer experience that will lead to improved customer retention.

When designing a product, you need to ask yourself:

  • Am I solving the right problem in the best possible way?
  • What does my user want?

There are simple ways you can transform your UX that will improve your customer retention. Therefore, this article will go over some simple ways that will make your websites and applications work better for your customers.

Observe customers using your product

Arguably the best way to design an effective UX strategy is by seeking feedback from its intended users and then optimizing based on their input and your own observations.

Don’t stop testing

It’s important to realize the full potential of user testing. This is the only real way to know what is working and not working on your platforms.

You should conduct initial user testing, but the process should also be ongoing. Mobile applications that crash will lose users and lead to a lack of customer retention.

In useability testing, you observe real users as they attempt to complete tasks on a website or app. In the long run, you will save time and money by making sure your interface is both effective and pleasurable for the user.

Focus on retention, not revenue

“When working to improve user experience, you should be focusing on retention, not revenue,” thinks Stephanie Wells, founder of Formidable Forms. In other words, you should design a UX that will draw people in and make them want to come back without blatantly selling them your product or service.

Focusing on retention will keep users around longer, which increases your revenue anyways. Therefore, if you put too much of your focus on revenue, you’re forgetting about your existing customers and increasing customer churn in the process. 

Streamline your website and applications

Whether it is on your website or your app, make sure you offer a simple interface that doesn’t overwhelm your customers with endless features.

It may be tempting to try to show your customers all you have to offer, but there can be too much of a good thing.

Over 75% of customers’ judgment of a website’s credibility is based purely on aesthetics. You need your website to look great, but also keep in mind that you do not want to overwhelm your visitor. When implementing UX designs, aim for sleek, not showy.

Guide, teach, support

Integrate a certain amount of guiding and teaching within your UX design. Initially, a welcome email can introduce your users to your brand and platform. Assume that the user will not know how to use your product if you do not show them.

Other features you can employ to guide and teach users are within the software. These include:

  • Initial setup: Provide prompts to guide them around your platform.
  • Popovers: You can use them to provide information about your website and how to use it.
  • Modals: Quickly show information to users and decreases unnecessary page loads and improve your website’s usability.

By preemptively answering your user’s questions, you will improve the user experience. It will avoid user frustration and increase satisfaction.

Key takeaways

Effective UX strategy can drastically increase your customer retention. By employing these tweaks to your platforms, you will make your websites and applications more effectively. You should always design your website:

  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Enjoyable

Your users will thank you for it and your business will reap the benefits.

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