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Shorten Your Sales Cycles With These 5 Impressive Strategies

sales cycle
Sales cycle is a critical part of your marketing goals. Learn how to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals with customers.

Sales cycle is a critical part of your marketing goals. And marketers aim to shorten these cycles without investment. But what is a sales cycle, and why do marketers fret about it? It is nothing but the processes companies go through while selling a product or service to the customers. Different organizations follow different steps, but the ultimate goal is to close a sale.

As simple as it may sound, there are several blockers in each sale which makes it nearly impossible to accomplish. By making sales cycles more predictable, marketers can speed up the cycle and close more. One foolproof strategy is to improve the call cycle. That is, increasing the frequency of calling your prospects and being in touch with them. Active call cycles put your products and services on top of the customers’ or prospects’ minds and nudge them to purchase at some point.

Apart from Call cycle, there are few smart strategies that you can implement to shorten the cycle and close more deals.

5 Smart Strategies to Shorten Sales Cycle

About 21% of sales development reps spend time writing emails to their prospects. Sales reps spend long hours inputting information rather than selling products. Sales automation tools can come handy in such a scenario so sales professionals focus more on selling. Let’s look at some useful strategies now.

1 Set goals for all sales calls

Getting a prospect to talk about a deal on the call is great. But if you set up a goal for your conversation, that’s much better. For example, your goal can be about resolving customer queries regarding your product or services. Or, it can also be about explaining a product they are interested in elaborately, answering all their questions accurately. Whatever may be the goal, it is good to get to business after initial pleasantries as both parties are pressed for time.

2 Offer a personalized experience to prospects

Consider every prospect important and offer a personalized experience to each one of them. This is critical especially in the initial stages of the sales process. Your prospects wish to feel understood and heard. Focusing more on their queries builds trust and can convert them into loyal customers early, thus shortening your sales cycle. To provide a personalized experience you can

  • Address your prospects by their first names in emails and other communications
  • Refer to your previous conversation and use it where appropriate
  • Share solutions relevant to the prospects queries or issues

3 Update your CRM and eliminate cold leads

Your CRM have numerous contacts that you may never interact frequently. It’s ok to eliminate those contacts and update your CRM with the promising prospects. Sometimes you may focus too hard on a disinterested prospect more and lose track of interested ones. This only increases your sales cycle to no vain. In sales, time and proper communication is crucial. Cleaning your CRM enables improved email deliverability and communication of relevant messages to the right prospects.

4 Ensure your prospects enjoy a seamless experience

Whether you want your prospects to fill up a survey or share their personal details on your website or app, the process should be a simple and easy one. The users should also enjoy freedom of exploring your products and services via mobile phones, tablet, laptop, or any gadget of their choice. Your prospects must also have to ease to sign contracts or access important documents on the go to reduce the back-and-forth and close deals sooner.

5 Be genuinely good to your prospects

As a sales rep, you might often sound pushy with your pitch. By cutting down the focus on your sales goal and looking into what the prospects really want, you become approachable and reliable. Initiate your conversations by addressing the problems your prospects are facing. Understand their needs thoroughly and then pitch in how your product or services can help them. This way, you can reduce shorten your sales cycle and provide the right solutions to your prospects.

Summing Up

Successful sales are an outcome of consistent and value-based approach. Follow these strategies and stay persistent in your goals but never overdo it in the process of achieving your sales targets.

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