The Digital Marketing Industry’s Top Influencers in 2022

The Digital Marketing Industry’s Top Influencers in 2022
The list also includes their followership on Twitter and Instagram, however the order has not been arranged on that criteria.

What do you call a marketer who can individually steer your brand and help it taste success in the shortest possible time? The answer is, Influencer. 

Usually, you would know the name of the agency handling your promotion, and not the actual person who is the mind behind all that creativity. But these new-age marketers have changed the norm. Today, they are the latest attraction in the world of marketing. Their insight, charisma, and impressive followership make them the first choice of both business and the industry. Influencers may use any of the mediums (podcast, video, blog, site) and get your message out to your audience – without being backed by a bigger agency. 

The trend that started with digital marketing is now influencing other industries also, such as Manufacturing, Education, etc – which has given rise to another concept called Influencer Marketing. Sticking to the concept of Digi Influence, today we are going to talk about the 2022’s top digital marketing influencers of the world. Each person on this list is known for her/his extraordinary industry-specific talents and the impact they have built with their unparalleled knowledge. 

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List of top 10 digital marketing influencers (globally)

With their niche as digital marketing, here’s the list of influencers who are massively trending in the industry in 2022. The list also includes their followership on Twitter and Instagram, however the order has not been arranged on that criteria. 

#10. Pat Flynn

Twitter: 165K followers
Instagram: 93K followers

With zero background of a business school or relevant academics, Flynn is a self-taught digital marketer and top Instagram influencer who has everything you need to help you grow. 

#9. Ann Handley

Twitter: 459K followers
Instagram: 30K followers

Founder of MarketingProfs and an established author whose books have been translated into 19 languages, Ann Handley is one of those influencers who can help create results your customers will love.  

#8. Leonard Kim

Twitter: 525K followers
Instagram: 17K followers

One of the most followed TED speakers, Leonard, gives the brightest advice on personal branding, LinkedIn marketing, influencer marketing, and other trending topics. 

#7. Jeff Bullas

Twitter: 562K followers
Instagram: 17K followers

Onalytica named Jeff as “The #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer” followed by Appinions, who also named him, “#1 Content Marketing Influencer.”

#6. Mari Smith

Twitter: 564K followers
Instagram: 44K followers

She’s the queen of Facebook with 1.9 million followers. Her insightful suggestions and expertise have helped many entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. 

#5. Kim Garst

Twitter: 576K followers
Instagram: 64K followers

Kim’s top accounts include Microsoft, Mastercard, and IBM, to name a few. Forbes named her “Top 10 Social Media Influencers” because of her unique and creative approaches. 

#4. Neil Patel

Twitter: 429K followers
Instagram: 315K followers

If you are using the tool KISSmetrics – because who doesn’t – then you probably know Neil Patel. This New York Times bestselling author has a unique way of reaching out to his prospects. Just subscribe to his website or and you’ll get the idea. 

#3. Larry Kim

Twitter: 746K followers
Instagram: 48K followers

Besides leading the digital marketing world, Kim is also the 8th most popular author on Medium, plus he regularly contributes to CNBC, Inc, and other publishing platforms.  

#2. Tim Ferriss

Twitter: 1.8M followers
Instagram: 1.1M followers

Tim Ferris and the term “digital marketing” are synonymous with each other. Besides publishing numerous books, Tim’s podcasts and audio shows have exceeded 100 million downloads. 

#1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter: 3.1M followers
Instagram: 9.9M followers

The God of Digital Marketing, Gary is undeniably the #1 influencer in his role right now. His digital marketing agency VaynerMedia grew from $3 million to $60 million in just 5 years. Irrespective of your industry, if you are looking to top charts and master your arena, look no further. 

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