Uses Of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Marketing


Marketing has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Experience-based marketing has become key to achieving success in customer attraction, conversion, and retention. Marketing strategies today are increasingly defined by the dynamic needs of consumers. It is vital for brand marketers to stay on top of the ball to cater to the constantly evolving needs of consumers.

What are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are fast emerging trends in marketing and sales. The implementation of new AR and VR technologies in their marketing strategy allows marketers to give prospective customers highly unique experiences.

AR and VR are rapidly becoming significant technologies that influence consumer purchase decisions., helping marketers to build brand value and ultimately boost sales.

Trial before purchase

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have redefined patterns of customer interaction with brands. These new technologies have made it possible for customers to interact more closely with brands. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allow customers to virtually try various products before making a decision to purchase.

One relevant example is Lenskart, a premium brand of eyewear products, that taps this

advanced technology on their mobile app, giving prospective customers the chance to try on different eyewear before opting to proceed to Checkout.

AR Virtual Marketing

Augmented Reality has made it possible for marketers to elevate their branding to new heights. With AR, users can scan printed materials such as QR codes on business cards or brochures with a mobile device to access additional brand information, thereby building brand engagement with newer content formats.

Implementing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into a brand’s marketing strategy can if executed appropriately, result in generating significant interest and engagement among customers.

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