Why Video Advertising Is Essential To Brand Marketing

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As daily mobile use continues to surge, video advertising created for high-quality mobile environments is key to effective marketing. 

Brand growth is a priority for any marketer. Let us explore the key factors that are required for successful business growth and how marketing plays a crucial role in the pursuit of it. 

As mobile adoption has exploded over the last decade, it has become a dominant media channel with enormous potential for reach, creativity, and commerce. Advertisers have a plethora of opportunities on mobile devices. Therefore, mobile plays a crucial role in any brand’s growth strategy.

Mobile audiences are growing rapidly 

According to GWI, daily average mobile usage increased by 13 minutes in 2020 and mobile now demands 30% of consumers’ daily media time. Mobile ads placed in premium editorial environments achieve deeper memory encoding on both the left and right brain. Hence, mobile advertising can deliver higher emotional intensity and engagement.

Results from AB testing reveal that ads placed within contextually relevant environments deliver an overall branding impact of +35 percent. Context is the magical element that makes a good campaign an extraordinary campaign and will continue to have greater importance in the future. 

Video advertising creatives connect best with audiences

Video-led creatives are still the best way to connect a brand with a consumer. Storytelling and emotive strategies are also best for brand-building outcomes. A mobile-appropriate video should: 

  • capture attention from the first frame 
  • be 15 seconds or less 
  • be able to tell the story without audio

Video advertisers use techniques such as 3D effects, clever branding, creative captioning, and responsive elements to emphasize the creative and enhance the impact significantly. 

Video ads must be designed for attention because the longer an ad is viewed, the more likely it is to be remembered and the greater the impact on brand choice. 

Strategy for activation

Consumer decisions are primarily driven by goals or needs. For a purchase to occur, the customer’s goal must align with the product. If the right message does not land in the peak of the need state, a sale is less likely to take place, despite an existing emotional connection.

Outstream or video advertising served within the flow of a site’s content is the perfect channel for full-funnel solutions. This format delivers robust results for both short-term and long-term outcomes. 

Marketers must focus on investing in creative commitment as creativity can deliver significant business impact. 

Marketers have three key activation levers: 

  • spend 
  • duration 
  • number of media channels

Pulling any of these three activation levers will give their work a boost in effectiveness. 

Think long term

Digital advertising reveals results very quickly. It can be tempting to pull the breaks on a campaign if immediate results are not as positive as hoped for at the outset. However, marketers must keep in mind that short-term results are not always indicators of the potential of the creative.

A long-term commitment to a mobile strategy that employs a robust test-and-learn agenda across audiences, environments, creativity, activation, and measurement is key to establishing and maintaining brand growth for the long term.

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