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Your Guide to TikTok Influencer Marketing

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On September 27, 2021, TikTok revealed it has crossed 1 billion monthly active users. The short-form video streaming platform took no time to find a place in the lives of Gen Z and millennials (who are its most active users) and quickly became the go-to destination for anyone and everyone. So fast was its growth that ByteDance, its parent company, became the fastest growing startup recording an astonishing $58 billion in revenues in 2021, revealed an HBR report

The birthplace of “Viral Content,” TikTok has a lot to offer, and that is not limited to its users, but brands too. Companies across the globe are finding value in this channel for maximizing brand exposure, creating engagement, and making record-breaking sales. And one of the elements of TikTok that is helping brands achieve success is Influencer Marketing. 

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What is “influencer marketing”

Influencer marketing is a version of social media marketing where influencers promote, endorse, introduce, discuss, or sponsor products and services of a brand they collaborated with to a wider audience network. 

Influencer marketing is the “hottest” terminology amid B2C marketers lately. The ROI of investing in influencer marketing has turned out to be the highest marketers have ever seen. Since users spend a majority of time these days glued to their phones, – or social media to be more specific – it only makes sense to target such customers via these platforms. And between your brand and your customers, influencers serve as the gateways. 

Who is an “influencer”

Quite simply, “one who can influence others.” Broadly, a person who has a massive dedicated following on social media, and at times, wields this influence to drive ‘following’ for a collaborated brand or company. 

How to activate “influencer marketing on TikTok”

You must know that 62% of the platform’s users are in ages between 10 and 29. So, if you are taking your brand to TikTok, you are actually targeting this age group only. Once you think it correctly fits the age criteria of your buyer persona, get started with the following steps.

Understand the top brand categories

Categories that get the widest traffic on TikTok on a daily basis are 4: Fashion and Retail, Beauty and Health/Wellness, Food and Beverage, Sporting and Entertainment Industry. Also, categories like Home Decor, DIY, Gardening, and Fitness are garnering great reviews and considered being in the emerging states.

Define your brand’s voice – There are 3 stages to it.

  1. Stage 1: Create your TikTok account first instead of digging influencers with the highest following. The way your brand shows up to your customers is crucial. Choose your content format, music, sounds and other things that distinguishes your brand with your niche audience.
  2. Stage 2: Now you can amplify your brand’s presence with the help of influencers. Partner with content creators who match the voice of your brand and collaborate with them to create original TikTok content that can go viral.
  3. Stage 3: Keep participating and engaging on TikTok on a regular basis. Brands that collaborate late or occasionally find little success than brands that stick out.

And there you have it. A crisp recipe for getting started with TikTok influencer marketing. 

TikTok, as a platform, is growing exponentially and changing its compliance rules and guidelines from time to time. You might want to visit the company’s policies page frequently to keep up with its standards and stay on the top.

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