Aviation Warriors Sponsorship Program Launched for William Tell Air-to-Air Fighter Competition

July 27, 2023
Aviation Warriors Sponsorship Program Launched for William Tell Air-to-Air Fighter Competition
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Aviation Warriors, a leading fighter pilot advocacy initiative tasked with celebrating American Air Dominance; Past, Present & Future, is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive sponsorship program in support of the highly anticipated return of the William Tell Air-to-Air Fighter Competition. After nearly 20 years, America’s citizens, allies, and adversaries will once again witness the unparalleled dominance of our Aviation Warriors in the skies.

The William Tell 2023 competition should create unforgettable experiences for the participating competitors, but budget constraints are significantly hampering the effort.

In response, a collaborative team of Savannah experts and small business owners, has developed Aviation Warriors to commemorate every competitor’s William Tell 2023 experience AND help fund an Awards Banquet and other morale event. Numerous Savannah experts consulted with the team behind this initiative, comprised of renowned individuals with extensive experience in the military / aviation industry:

• Cesar “Rico” Rodriguez: Retired USAF Colonel, combat fighter pilot with 3 MIG Kills, and aviation defense industry consultant
• John Lund: Military heritage publisher specializing in multimedia commemoratives for active-duty military and veterans
• Larry Schweikart: #1 New York Times best-selling author of Patriots History of the United States well known for connecting history with the next generation
• Alan Peterson: Accomplished film and television director with a passion for aviation, military heritage filming, storytelling and event capture
• Joe Corbe: Founder of 1631 Digital, full political/issue advocacy/government & veterans affairs service marketing and advertising agency
• Steve “Buick” Olds: Former Combat F15 pilot, volunteered PATRIOT MISSION’s resources to support William Tell 2023 and to manage & host Aviation Warriors

The 3-Step Aviation Warriors Plan is funded through cost effective sponsorships that offer significant value through 2025.

Step 1: Document – Aviation Warriors will collaborate with public affairs to gather open source, pre-game William Tell 2023 and historical content, capturing on-site action in Savannah including aircraft launches, breakout sessions, special events, and personal interviews, including past participants.

Step 2: Produce – After William Tell 2023, a team of historians, writers, photojournalists, film experts and publishing designers will collaborate to layout approved content, edit, upload and print the final commemorative product for distribution at a $20 retail price, which meets DOD ethical / legal gift regulations.

Step 3: Deliver – Starting in Spring 2024, Aviation Warriors will begin to ship or present commemorative package to William Tell 2023 competitors, sponsors, key Savannah influencers, Air Dominance Center and US Air Force leaders. Online access to the commemorative will also be provided.

130 Sponsorship packages have been carefully crafted to offer substantial benefits to sponsors while continually promoting the next William Tell Competition, hopefully in Savannah in 2025. Ranging from Supporter to Title Sponsor, each package includes various incentives such as commemorative copies, exclusive Savannah event invitations, press releases, and prominent listing in all online and eBook versions.

Aviation Warriors is proud to introduce its first Platinum Sponsor; DCS Corp of Alexandria, Virginia. DCS is a premier professional services firm providing engineering, programmatic and technical support services to the Department of Defense and other customers focused on national security.

Aviation Warriors is also proud to introduce its first three Silver Sponsors, all from Savannah, Georgia; Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar, FranNet; Local, Trusted Franchise Experts and “Bunny in the City” who covers the unique Savannah characters and events.

Aviation Warriors encourages individuals and corporations to participate in supporting the Airmen. Limited sponsorships are available. Interested parties are encouraged to register promptly to secure their preferred package.