Bad Rhino Digital Marketing Expands in Ecommerce Industry

January 18, 2022
Bad Rhino Digital Marketing Expands in Ecommerce Industry
The boutique digital marketing agency is making noise in the industry as it expands into E-commerce.

Bad Rhino Digital Marketing has announced its expansion into the burgeoning E-commerce industry. The digital media marketing agency, based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, continues its ambitious endeavors by taking on a growing industry that continues to see an increase in prominence with an increased focus on virtual environments in recent years.

“For the past 12 Years Bad Rhino has led the way in producing real results for our clients through digital marketing. Over the past. 2.5 years we have been growing with ecommerce companies and developing new virtual solutions for brick and mortar businesses.”

While social media marketing and web design have been the primary concentrations of Bad Rhino, their nascent venture into ecommerce marketing has an early track record of success with their clients. Bad Rhino’s expertise in social media marketing has been proven to drive traffic to online stores and generate new leads, with market research and tailored digital marketing strategies that enable personalized tactics to yield a return on investment. A thorough audit process allows Bad Rhino’s digital marketing strategists to identify areas of improvement and implement innovative trends to create a results-driven campaign.

“They’re open-minded, candid, and flexible, and their approach was refreshing and effective,” said an Ecommerce Store that benefited from Bad Rhino’s services.

“Bad Rhino is open to anything we want to put out there, and they figure out a way to do it,” said a Craft Brewery.  “Bad Rhino has improved the efficiency of our staff, maximizing our work time and quality,” remarked a Golf Industry Professional.

“Bad Rhino is a digital marketing agency born out of an idea. What that idea was, is keeping things as simple as possible in a complex internet world. Digital Marketing gets complex,” said CEO Marty McDonald. “It’s cumbersome, it’s time consuming to do it right, and then all of a sudden you have to lump a new strategy in there, and then Facebook or Google decides to change the strategy. When we started this company, we had a couple of different things that we wanted to make sure we bring to the forefront and one of them is real results.”