Celigo Hires First CIO to Lead Innovation in Post-Digital Era

June 22, 2022
Celigo Hires First CIO to Lead Innovation in Post-Digital Era
Focus will be on driving enterprise-wide automation using Celigo’s own platform.

Celigo, the leading enterprise-wide Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), announced the hiring of Asad Siddiqui as the company’s first Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead innovation in the Post-Digital era.

With the growing role of automation in digital transformation and shift in customer expectations of how that automation happens, now was the right time to put Siddiqui at the helm. He will help the company adopt an approach that enables agility and innovation across business teams without risking business resilience, scale and data security.

“It’s clear there has been a seismic shift in how businesses serve their customers and how their employees engage with technology, with their work, and with each other,” said Jan Arendtsz, Founder and CEO at Celigo. “The agility and innovative spirit born out of the pandemic is now a permanent part of the organizational culture. Meeting these new expectations demands that technology leaders reimagine their roles to empower this cultural change. Asad is the ideal person to lead this transformation at Celigo.”

Siddiqui has worked with some of the world’s most forward-thinking tech companies, including Asana and LinkedIn, and brings years of experience building teams, technology, and strategies to compete in ever-changing digital landscapes.

At Celigo, he will build and lead innovation squads that will develop and implement Celigo products to drive optimal automation within Celigo and for its customers and partners.

“Digital transformation is a core element of being viable and competing in the industry. It continues to be a focus for CIOs and other executives, even as we move into a Post-Digital age,” said Asad Siddiqui, Chief Information Officer at Celigo. “Automation is at the heart of that transformation and I am looking forward to driving innovation through our own solutions and teams at Celigo.”