Digital Agency SoCheers Announces Partnership with MindPeers

May 23, 2022
Digital Agency SoCheers Announces Partnership with MindPeers
The association also marks the mental health awareness month.

Digital agency SoCheers has partnered with mental strength platform, MindPeers in an attempt to create a thriving and conducive work environment for their employees.

According to SoCheers, the importance of mental health at the workplace is not a new topic anymore. “Conversations about overworking, burnouts and the lack of work-life balance can be often seen floating on social media. Additionally, as per current reports, mental health issues have been the primary cause for over a quarter (28%) of employee exits in recent times. Moreover, reports also revealed that two out of five employees battle with depression at the workplace today,” it added. The association also marks the mental health awareness month in India, which is still gaining momentum with the Indian masses. 

For Siddharth Devnani, co-founder and director, SoCheers, the association with MindPeers is crucial for the sustainability of the organisation. “We believe that creativity can thrive only if the mind is healthy, clear and, most importantly, happy. There is no denying the fact that everyone, myself included, goes through various episodes in life, some of which can exact a heavy toll on the mind,” he stated. 

As per Nupoor Pradhan, head, people operations, SoCheers, mental health should be one of the key priorities and this forms the crux of the partnership with Mindpeer. “This is true not only during a time when people are adjusting to the hybrid work set-up in a post-lockdown era or earlier, when the world was going through a crisis, but for a more sustained and long-term period. Moreover, our core philosophy places the organisation’s culture at the very centre and this initiative is a rather significant step towards reinforcing the importance of it,” she claimed.

At MindPeers, we want to make ‘taking care of your mind’ a lifestyle, Kanika Aggarwal, founder, MindPeers, said, “Therefore, we strongly believe that onboarding workplaces to our philosophy would play a vital role in helping us achieve that, as a majority of the population spends a significant amount of their day at their offices. Also, advertising being one of the densely populated ecosystems, to have SoCheers on board is yet another step to help combat mental health issues on a larger front,” she added. 

To kick-start this partnership, the mental wellness organisation hosted an online event with the agency’s employees where they elucidated on their range of mental health services which includes one-on-one online therapy sessions with seasoned professionals, self-care and personalised digital tools, neuro games, employee awareness and uptake, among others.