Digital Marketing in a Post-COVID World and Beyond

April 04, 2022
Digital Marketing in a Post-COVID World and Beyond
ABTA’s Digital Marketing Masterclass will be taking place on 7 April at ABTA’s off.

Digital acceleration was already in the fast lane before the pandemic stopped us in our tracks. But with the onset of COVID-19 and a reimagined way of living that completely revolved around technology, digital transformation truly took off into the stratosphere.

To help marketers and digital leaders navigate this new and ever-evolving landscape, a team of digital experts from Accord Marketing are coming together to put their digital cards on the table and help fellow marketers to rethink and readjust their strategy and tactics.

During this Digital Marketing Masterclass, they will revisit the consumer journey, explore best practice approaches to measurement and reporting, the creative strategies that inspire and engage, and our tried and tested top tips on how to get the best ROI for your budget.

Starting with the path-to-purchase, they will review where channels now sit and exactly how to be there for prospective holidaymakers when they’re shifting in between the stages of dreaming, planning, booking, experience and advocacy. Have any new stages emerged?

They will bring creative centre stage, just where it belongs, reinforcing the importance of digitally adaptable assets. With creative being responsible for 70% of ad performance, they will evaluate where it sits within digital strategies and the effectiveness of different formats, shining a light on the likes of social and video.

And in this new age of information seeking, they will outline the strengths and weaknesses of PPC and SEO. Confident that the pair are most productive when working as a team, they will ultimately prove that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to devising search campaigns.

Speaking of working well together, the day will also focus on out of home and its relationship with digital, exploring how it has adapted through new technology and innovation to be the in-the-moment channel of today. They will learn about dynamic OOH content and why it is relevant for RSS feeds, social feeds and live updates.

Then, taking one step back, they will focus attention on the importance of measurement frameworks and the metrics that matter in an age when accountability has never been so important. They will look at how to ensure the right data is collated, scrutinised and actioned.

And, of course, amongst the panel of experts will be Google who will provide practical guidance on the top 10 Google features that every digital marketer should know about today.

Given the turbulence and uncertainty of the last few years, it’s impossible to predict the future! But we’ll do our best, by rounding off the day discussing the trends that will dominate the year ahead, allowing everyone to take away tips and techniques for engaging, influencing and ultimately converting travellers, efficiently and effectively.

ABTA’s Digital Marketing Masterclass will be taking place on 7 April at ABTA’s offices in central London. Join digital marketing experts and senior marketing professionals at this practical training day. Take home actionable advice on the areas to focus your marketing efforts, how to attract and engage customers in 2022, getting the best ROI for your budget, creating engaging content and more.