Earn $1000 per Client Referral to Experience Advertising for These Digital Marketing Services

February 24, 2022
Earn $1000 per Client Referral to Experience Advertising for These Digital Marketing Services
Use ReferralRock.com to track all the leads and award the commission.

Hey all! Thanks for being a subscriber to my Digital Marketing newsletter on Linkedin. I hope your week is going well so far.

Exciting News! I have revamped my agency Experience Advertising‘s client referral program. We are now paying $1000 per referral for any client that signs with our agency! Here are the agency services that qualify:

  • Affiliate Program Management (OPM) – either big network or inhouse. We are the best in the industry at growing affiliate programs. Here is a recent case study.
  • PPC/SEM Management – Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or both. I will personally manage your ad accounts to greatness, to maximize paid search for your brand.
  • CRO Services – improving the website’s overall conversion rates. This is a must if you want to scale your business online. I use a multi-pronged approach of CRO tools, on-page A/B testing, and killer landing pages. We do CRO with most clients we work with to ensure their channels perform as well as possible (you won’t find this our approach elsewhere).
  • Social Advertising Management – Facebook/IG ads, Pinterest, Twitter, Tiktok. I’m well-versed in making all of these platforms effective at producing ROI/ROAS.
  • SEO Services – we do technical SEO, content writing, and link building for our SEO clients. All high quality and effective stuff.
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Management – managing all of the digital marketing strategies and ad platforms for the client.
  • Consulting with Evan – this is a popular one! I personally work with the company’s in house staff on their digital marketing, online advertising and CRO strategies to make sure they are as effective as possible. An hour a week on the phone with me is all it takes to produce greatness!
  • B2B and SaaS – I’m also an expert in B2B digital marketing and B2B online advertising. I have been successfully running B2B online ad campaigns for 7+ years on Linkedin, Facebook, Google Ads and more. I’ve cracked the code on effective B2B digital advertising.

Wow, those are some killer services! If you know a company that wants to truly grow online with a proven strategy, customized to their business, then you should refer them to my agency. I have 20+ years of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce and I personally work on all the client’s campaigns we work with. You won’t find that anywhere else.

I have a saying: “I don’t have any disappointed clients, nor do I want any.” We strive to deliver the most value and ROAS possible with your online ad dollars.

Sign up here and start referring leads today! We use ReferralRock.com to track all the leads and award the commission.