Indiegogo And BRANDED Team Up To Accelerate Growth For eCommerce

March 11, 2022
Indiegogo And BRANDED Team Up To Accelerate Growth For eCommerce

Indiegogo, the global leader in crowdfunding, and BRANDED Group, a leading operator of digitally native consumer brands globally, announced a collaboration to enable entrepreneurs on Indiegogo’s platform to accelerate and scale their businesses through potential acquisition.

Within the Indiegogo ecosystem, BRANDED will target challenger brands: micro e-commerce brands with $100 million brand potential and distinct positioning and are thriving in consumer goods categories previously dominated by Big CPG players. BRANDED’s core categories include Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness, and Home & Hobbies.

eCommerce platforms and third-party marketplaces with infinite digital “shelf space” have opened up tremendous opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs. Fueled by increasing consumer adoption, retail e-commerce sales rose to an estimated 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide, with GMV on third-party marketplaces taking up over 50 percent of that share. Since its founding in late 2020, BRANDED has hyper-scaled to over 50 brands and $200 million in revenue by both launching brands and partnering with innovative entrepreneurs to accelerate their e-commerce brands. As the Indiegogo community is filled with seasoned entrepreneurs and passionate visionaries, this collaboration offers these entrepreneurs a new way to catapult growth.

“This is a first of its kind collaboration for the crowdfunding industry, and we are looking forward to BRANDED helping our entrepreneurs rapidly scale their operations and reach,” says Jonathan Jue, Interim CEO of Indiegogo. “Another exciting component of this collaboration is that Indiegogo will have the opportunity to co-invest with BRANDED on some of their deals, allowing the company to not only be the platform engine for their crowdfunding campaigns but also play an investor role.”

BRANDED’s custom approach to brand acquisitions stems from a partnership mentality and the viewpoint that founders bring proven product knowledge and market expertise that is immensely valuable in the future growth of the brand. To date, BRANDED has retained brand founders in over 75 percent of its acquisitions, leveraging their strengths for the collective platform.

“Previously, entrepreneurs of smaller brands had limited options for financial and operational resources to grow,” says Michael Ronen, President of BRANDED. “Now there’s a new path available by partnering with BRANDED, an innovative platform with the tech, operational expertise, and investment backing to fuel rapid growth.”

Indiegogo and BRANDED plan to kick off with a product pitch competition this spring, identifying top entrepreneurs on the platform with the potential to amplify their growth with BRANDED.

“BRANDED’s strong focus on new product development, product design, and product launch make Indiegogo a natural collaborator to jointly serve creators of emerging products and brands. We’re excited to create events like the pitch competition to work directly with the Indiegogo community, wherever they are,” adds Pierre Poignant, CEO of BRANDED.

Together, Indiegogo and BRANDED aim to bring value to entrepreneurs throughout every step of their business journey, and this collaboration represents both companies’ shared commitment to fund, launch, and grow next-generation consumer brands. Interested entrepreneurs can learn more on Indiegogo’s Experts Directory.