Opera GX Announces Strategic Partnership With ESE

April 22, 2022
Opera GX Announces Strategic Partnership With ESE

Opera, one of the world’s major browser developers and a leading internet consumer brand, has announced a partnership with GameAddik, the game technology subsidiary of ESE Entertainment Inc. The agreement focuses on providing advertising services in connection with the promotion of Opera GX, Opera’s gamer-oriented browser.

Opera GX is built specifically for gamers and tailored to their needs. The browser offers unique features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, customizable themes, and Twitch and Discord integration, to help users get the most out of both gaming and browsing.

GameAddik will use its technology and marketing expertise to support the rapid growth of the Opera GX ecosystem to increase the number of new monthly Opera GX users.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers, and Gaming at Opera commented, “The Opera GX gaming browser had over 14 million monthly active users across PC and mobile, as of the fourth quarter of 2021. The partnership with GameAddik will serve to onboard more gamers to try and enjoy Opera GX – a browser tailored to their needs.”

Eric Jodoin, CEO of GameAddik, commented, “OperaGX brings a radical new approach to the browser experience for gamers. They came up with all the browser features a real gamer could wish for and packed them into a sleek, high-value product. We are pleased to work with OperaGX and help them achieve their ambitious growth plan.”