Pepperi and Kangaroo Announce a New Partnership to Support Global B2B Ecommerce Growth for Thousands of Businesses Globally

March 10, 2022
Pepperi and Kangaroo Announce a New Partnership to Support Global B2B Ecommerce Growth for Thousands of Businesses Globally
Pepperi serves over 1,000 medium and large brands & wholesale distributors in more than 65 countries.

Pepperi, a leading omnichannel B2B sales platform for wholesalers and distributors, today announced a new partnership with Kangaroo Rewards, a global rewarding loyalty and marketing platform. Through this partnership, Pepperi B2B merchants will gain access to Kangaroo’s Rewards all-in-one loyalty solution to attract, keep, connect, and grow their businesses.

Even though B2B e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $1.8 trillion in the coming year, up 12% from 2021, many B2B companies are still relying on traditional sales channels and are missing out on a massive revenue potential. With more millennials entering the workforce, a flawless digital consumer experience when purchasing from wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers has become a new normal.

“Having a B2B e-commerce presence is a necessity in these challenging times, but it’s not enough if businesses are looking to engage, reward and retain their customers. The ultimate secret to a successful digital strategy is to combine the strength of a loyalty marketing program with a satisfying customer experience. Our joint venture with Pepperi, will equip our B2B clients with an end-to-end SaaS B2B commerce offering, enhance their competitive edge and provide an innovative selling and more rewarding experience at all touchpoints”, said Fady Rizk, CEO of Kangaroo Rewards.

Through this alliance with Kangaroo Rewards, new B2B customers will be offered:

– First 3 months for free on all Pepperi solutions

– First 3 Months for free on Kangaroo Rewards

“Next level B2B commerce experiences require next level loyalty rewards options”, said Ofer Yourvexel, CEO of Pepperi. However, it can be challenging to launch your B2B loyalty program without powerful tools. “Our partnership with Kangaroo Rewards, comes at a time when our long-standing customers were looking to start their own loyalty rewarding program that would enable them to compete more equally on a global scale. Pepperi is dedicated to partnering with companies that can meet the demands of our worldwide merchant base, and Kangaroo Rewards is one of those companies that provides our consumers with these new capabilities. Our joint venture with Kangaroo rewards represents the next in a series of significant partnerships that further illustrates the success of our omnichannel B2B sales platform and our unique position in the market.”

Pepperi and Kangaroo Rewards will be holding a joint webinar on March 9th to celebrate the launch of their new partnership.