Pilot® by ShowSeeker: Industry’s Groundbreaking Cloud-Based Order Management System

August 01, 2023
Pilot® by ShowSeeker: Industry’s Groundbreaking Cloud-Based Order Management System
Image Courtesy: Pexels

ShowSeeker, creating America’s fastest-growing, fully cloud-based advertising order management system, today announced another milestone underscoring the field-proven versatility of its newest cloud-based AdTech offering, Pilot®, powered by ShowSeeker’s industry-leading advertising sales, planning and automated workflow management system.

Over the past year, ShowSeeker collaborated with some of the largest video TV providers in the country over the course of which the new platform generated in excess of 385,000 client proposals, resulting in 327,000 executed orders worth approximately $2.6 billion in gross sales.

ShowSeeker Pilot is the next generation of order management system, building upon the company’s prior, successful ShowSeeker Plus® content discovery platform.

“Our technology – designed to provide maximum efficiency for media planners and to improve ad sales productivity while minimizing manual data-entry inaccuracies – has earned ShowSeeker the trust of leading cable, telco, television, and advertising service providers,” said Dave Hardy, ShowSeeker Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “ShowSeeker’s integrated data insights and automated workflow engine ensure ad buys are efficiently streamlined, targeted, effective and highly customizable, all to ultimately drive better ROI for buyers and sellers alike.”

Developed with the future in mind, ShowSeeker Pilot is designed to deliver heightened levels of simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and improved monetization across all operations and workflows – from initial research to final analysis – via an easy-to-use, entirely cloud-based platform for building and managing ad campaigns.

Pilot’s modern architecture features:

  • Advanced Programming Search Engine – which identifies optimal ad opportunities that yield the highest value for each advertiser;
  • Integrated viewership trends & analytics – encompassing both historical and trending data, that is compatible with comScore and Nielsen;
  • Powerful Rate Card Engine – customizing rates to maximize each client’s ROI;
  • Automated Workflow Proposal Processor – removing manual tasks by incorporating multiple tactics in a single order, allowing for true, streamlined, unified proposals for both linear and advanced digital buys;
  • Multi-platform integration – flexible, open-ended system that allows for seamless integrations with CRM and traffic systems as well as 3rd party ad copy management.

Since its founding in 2003, ShowSeeker has become a leading independent AdTech SaaS order management system for the cable TV industry. Today more than half of all cable TV subscribers in the United States and Puerto Rico experience ShowSeeker decisions when seeing a TV spot.

“Pilot is the compass needed to navigate today’s complex and ever-evolving video advertising landscape,” Hardy added. “As with our previous solutions, Pilot offers a complete and seamless integration with multiple traffic and billing systems to meet the ever-evolving needs of omnichannel advertising and media buying. Its growing use during the collaboration phase underscores the versatility, flexibility and adaptability of our software, which we’ve developed to the specific needs of each of our users with comprehensive client support.”