Skai Launches Support For Amazon DSP

June 06, 2022
Skai Launches Support For Amazon DSP

Skai, an intelligent marketing platform, has launched support for Amazon DSP, offering new functionality and audience reach to retail media advertisers. Over the past year, Skai has worked closely with customers and Amazon Ads to develop its solutions, which now allow brands to optimize campaigns more efficiently and effectively across all commerce paid media channels (retail, search, and social). With unique automation, targeting, experimentation, and reporting functionalities supplementing Amazon Ads solutions, Skai’s Amazon DSP release connect commerce marketing efforts for holistic consumer reach and engagement.

Amazon DSP allows advertisers to programmatically buy ads to reach new and existing audiences both on and off Amazon, helping to drive brand and product awareness throughout the customer journey.

eMarketer reported that Amazon DSP was the second-most used DSP in 2021. Marketers have embraced Amazon DSP because of its full-funnel marketing strategy enablement. “Amazon DSP’s audience and contextual targeting capabilities allow brands to refine their advertising for each stage of their customer’s buying journey,” said Claudia Virgilio, Global Vice President of Commerce Partnerships at Skai.

One of the leaders in cross-channel marketing technology since 2006, and among the first to support retail media, Skai’s intelligence-driven platform enables marketers to validate the effectiveness of campaigns while driving sales and bottom-line growth. The company supports commerce marketing for more than 1,500 of the world’s most competitive brands and agencies across retail networks, paid search, and paid social media.

“Skai’s Portfolio Bid Optimizations, Dimensions, and Portfolios were critical in executing efficient advertising campaigns with Amazon DSP and sponsored ads, enabling us to lift ROAS to 461% for Bondi Sands,” said Matt Strietelmeier, Director of Amazon Ads at Stella Rising, the marketing and media services agency partner to the Australian skincare brand. “Skai made it possible for us to manage performance for both Amazon DSP and sponsored ads side by side, allowing us to improve efficiencies and see that Amazon DSP helped increase Bondi Sands’ ad-attributed performance.”

Advanced campaign management and optimization through Amazon DSP API is a key addition to Skai’s marketing intelligence and omnichannel advertising platform as the organization executes against a vision for next-generation connected commerce marketing. “We’re aligning with the digital transformation roadmaps of many brands and agencies,” said Gil Sadeh, Chief Growth Officer and GM of Commerce at Skai. “Our connected commerce solution combines share-of-voice data, brand insights, competitive intelligence, omnichannel measurement, and more for clients to continually optimize all marketing efforts in one place in a rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.”