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5 Best AI Tools to Use for Digital Marketing

5 Best AI Tools to Use for Digital Marketing
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Marketing is the best way to create awareness of your product. Naturally, it tends to cost a lot. But what if there were other options that you as a business owner can leverage to cut costs, and at the same time drive quality and innovation in your work? This is what Artificial Intelligence can do for you in this era. Find out 5 such amazing tools below.

Bardeen AI

Everyone tells you about automation within marketing, and we have all at some point wondered, who automates this for businesses? What if there was an AI that could do it for you after entering some basic commands? Bardeen does exactly that. It streamlines automation and sanitizes your CRM workflow. Moreover, if you have any active campaigns, Bardeen will personalize them according to your customer information, and send you synchronized information from all your sources.

Jasper AI

Jasper’s motto is simple, it will help you create quality content accurately tailored to your requirements. Be it a blog post, or a social media caption, or even a small emailer, you can customize every bit of content on this tool. Long gone are the days when you have to push through your writer’s block, this AI tool will help you create content seamlessly.

Lexica Art

Isn’t it so hard to find zero-expenditure quality photos tailored exactly to your campaign? Lexica art solves this problem for you. It generates public domain images for your thumbnails, or your creatives to spice up your content. All this along with avoiding copyright infringement, and free for all pictures.

Surfer SEO

There are over 40 best of the best SEO applications across the globe. But do you really need more apps which only work with a ton of manual work? Surfer SEO manages your SEO by checking your written content, analyzes top ranked pages and provides you with data and corrections that you need to make to make it to the top pages list. Imagine an SEO consultant but it is completely AI.

Adext AI

All digital marketing starts from analyzing your Meta advertising campaigns, and then allocating the budget accordingly. Here, Adext AI does something better. It saves you time and money by analyzing the best performing ads on its own, and processes and allocates your budget to the highest performing advertisement thus maximizing your ROI (return on investment). This is not the best part though, Adext’s range is not limited. It can sift through the various channels on which you have ad campaigns going on and then choose the best out of everything.


Digital marketing on a small budget sounds difficult, but with good support from AI tools, it is not only possible, but it also can lead to a very promising venture if used correctly. Use these tools to get the best possible results from your existing and potential consumer base.

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