Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Video SEO

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Most digital marketing experts are aware of the benefits of using video content. They know that a video can showcase content better, make people understand their products and build brand credibility.   

Furthermore, with videos, you may even get the exposure to appear on the first page of Google’s search results.   

But do you know that a well-crafted video strategy has the potential to boost overall SEO? If you don’t trust us, read the explanations below. 

Understand Customers’ Buying Journeys on a Deeper Level 

Using videos will often require employing a video keyword research tool. With this tool, you can identify different queries that your target audience uses to search for videos. This shall give you a deeper understanding of the problems they might be facing, tasks they’re trying to complete, or the buying journey as a whole.  

With this knowledge, you can decide which content to create – whether entertaining or informational – to meet your customers’ needs. This way, your SEO strategy also becomes better compared to your competitors.  

Get Improved On-SERP Visibility 

Nowadays, Google’s search engine results are more diverse, interactive and visually appealing than they were earlier. Apart from related images, popular questions, and instant answers, Google SERPs now include a separate search element for related videos as well-known as a video carousel. 

A video carousel is usually present on the search result’s first page. However, the location might be different based on the search intent. According to Mozcast, videos appear in 30% of SERPs. Therefore, using a video can be rewarding and can improve your on-SERP visibility. 

Gain Better Organic Search Visibility 

When it comes to gaining additional visibility, most people turn to YouTube video creation. While the pages may result in organic listings offering additional visibility, video-rich snippets can get your page ranked in the SERPs. 

Video-rich snippets are basically organic search results including a video thumbnail. They often make results harder to miss for targets and trigger a direct click. On the other hand, video carousels usually offer indirect exposure to the brands. 

Earning video-rich snippets has another benefit, i.e., it can create expectations. When people see the video thumbnail, they are likely to click it, go to the page and expect to see the video there. It will make them stay for a longer time on the page to watch the video. This will further increase the chances of continuing their journey on your site, engaging more with your brand and reaching the conversion funnel. 

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