Six Things You Should Never Do in Corporate Sales

Six Things You Should Never Do in Corporate Sales
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Selling to corporations can be a difficult and competitive process. It’s important to be aware of the dos and don’ts of corporate sales so you can stay competitive and make the most of your sales opportunities.   

6 Things You Should Never Do in Corporate Sales  

Here are six things you should never do in corporate sales.   

Don’t Make Overly Aggressive Promises  

It’s important to be realistic in your sales pitch. Making overly aggressive promises can be a turn-off to potential customers. You don’t want to make promises that you can’t keep or that are too good to be true. Your potential customer will see right through this and it will reflect poorly on you. Instead, focus on making realistic and achievable promises that you know you can deliver on.  

Don’t Underestimate the Competition  

In corporate sales, there is often a lot of competition. You need to be aware of what your competitors are doing and be prepared to differentiate yourself from them. Doing your research and being prepared will help you stand out from the competition and make sure that you don’t lose out to them.  

Don’t Neglect to Research the Company   

It’s important to research the company you’re pitching to. Knowing their values, needs, and objectives will help you tailor your pitch to what they’re looking for. Not researching the company can be a huge mistake, as you won’t be able to provide them with a tailored solution to their problem and they’ll likely go with a competitor who did their research.  

Don’t Ignore the Customer’s Needs   

When selling to corporations, it’s important to focus on the customer’s needs. This means understanding their problem and finding a solution that will satisfy their needs. Don’t try to push a product that won’t solve their problem, as they won’t be interested in it. Instead, focus on providing them with a product or service that will meet their needs.   

Don’t Delay Following Up   

Following up with your potential customers is an important part of selling to corporations. After your initial pitch, don’t forget to follow up with them to check in and see if they have any questions or concerns. Not following up with them can give the impression that you’re not interested in their business, which can make them less likely to do business with you.   

Don’t Take Rejection Personally   

Not every pitch will result in a sale. It’s important to remember that rejection is part of the process and doesn’t reflect on you as a person or a salesperson. Don’t take rejection personally and instead use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Rejection can often result in valuable feedback that can help you refine your pitch and make it more effective in the future.  


Successful corporate sales require a great deal of knowledge, skill, and hard work. To ensure a successful sales strategy, it is important to avoid making common mistakes. By avoiding the six mistakes outlined in this article, you can help to ensure that your corporate sales efforts are successful and rewarding. With the right approach and dedication, corporate sales can be an incredibly rewarding and profitable venture.

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