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Adding Social Proof to Websites for Greater Reach

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When existing consumers suggest your products and services based on their interactions with your brand, this is known as user social proof. Praise through social media, for example, or nice reviews on review sites. The legitimacy of a brand’s value proposition is enhanced through social evidence.

Social proof indicates that other people have publicly endorsed your product, service, or content. It’s a psychological phenomenon that your potential clients can’t ignore. It’s more often than not more honest, straightforward, and disarming than anything you might write yourself.

Look at six examples of social proof:


Recommendations from delighted existing customers in a simple, brief format. These may be used in almost any situation. The quote marks are your keyboard’s most powerful key. Simply encircling a statement with quotations transforms the words into testimony and the reader becomes a witness.

Using testimonials for products that are overly technical or in industries that are highly competitive is very effective. Check forums and review sites such as Yelp, Amazon, and Google regularly, to monitor what’s being said about your brand. 

Here are three quick tips for great testimonials:

  • When possible, include testimonials that incorporate keywords. Yes, they may help with SEO, as well as building trust. 
  • Include video testimonials. Seeing the speaker’s face and body language, as well as hearing their voice, will greatly increase their credibility. And their desire to be on camera demonstrates that they mean what they say.
  • Make every page a testimonials page rather than having a testimonial page. 

Statistical Data 

Website themes have expanded the popularity of this function in recent years. A number ticker is a common pageblock in many designs, including WordPress and other platforms. Statistics aren’t all social evidence because they’re not tied to human behavior, but they’re nonetheless important kinds of believability and differentiation.

When the statistics are connected to your job or the outcomes of your labor, however, they become social evidence. Data is frequently leveraged to offer social proof to CTAs for email subscriptions.

  • Number of years in business
  • Experience of the team as a whole
  • Total size of the team
  • Number of happy customers and successful projects
  • Return on investment 

Social Media Shares

Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram comments, and other forms of praise from existing consumers and/or brand champions. It’s all about social proof in social media marketing. It’s all over the place. The most prominent content marketing analytics in the universe are social media metrics. This form of social proof is very useful for B2C products and services.

Furthermore, for social media events such as Twitter chats or Facebook Live video debates, you may invite experts as guests. Collaborations like this can help you tap into the experts’ positive impact while also allowing your social media viewers to hear and learn from industry professionals.

Awards, Certifications, and Memberships

After any win, you have to place the trophy on the shelf and then put the award on your website. Along with certificates and membership logos, these little images serve as “trust seals,” establishing trustworthiness and distinguishing your company. 

Here are the three places to add logos for awards, certifications, and memberships: 

  • If press mentions and client logos aren’t accessible or suitable, put them at the top of your webpage. This is, nonetheless, valuable real estate. Use it with caution.
  • If you have a lot of awards, make a separate page for them. Take a look at our own awards page for an example of a simple layout.
  • Add them to the footer of your website; this is a very visible area because it appears on every page. They take on a worldwide significance.


Showing thanks for your user or follower accomplishments is another fast method to establish social proof. Milestones are a wonderful thing to celebrate, and they’re also a fantastic moment to thank the individuals who helped you get there.

Milestones include reaching X number of users, customers, downloads, social media followers, etc. 

Blue Checkmark Verifications

You can get verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and obtain a blue checkmark in your bio. A blue checkmark next to your bio is a type of social proof certification. As an authority figure, the social media site determined that you are famous, important, or fascinating enough to receive the checkmark, which is normally reserved for celebrities and big corporations.

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