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How to Ace Event Marketing in the Zoom Era 

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Event marketing has changed a great deal over the past couple of decades.  

Take the example of the last two years during the pandemic. The event industry that offered hybrid and virtual event options at intervals was now providing them more frequently. 

However, the one thing that event marketers are still struggling with is how to ace event marketing in the zoom era. The era demands more, and brands must think of new opportunities to provide the audience with an extraordinary event experience.  

Check out the key ideas below to ensure your event marketing becomes a success.  

Pay Attention to Customer Experience 

Since people have started returning to in-person events, event marketers have been thinking lately if virtual events are better than physical. However, that isn’t something they should be focusing on now. Instead, they should focus on creating good experiences for their attendees.  

Paying attention to enhancing customer experiences will lead to a successful event. Moreover, attendees will have better retention, which may lead to brand loyalty. To make the events more impactful, marketers can organize a series of event touchpoints and experiences and rebuild the customer journey pipeline. 

Remove the Silos  

Traditionally, event marketing tools weren’t a part of the marketing tech stack. Thus, event marketers used to leverage these tools separately. This silo has greatly affected organizations while collecting and repurposing customer information. 

Indeed, the tools can aid with analyzing event data. But to ensure that the event marketing strategy becomes a success, it is critical to incorporate the carefully-analyzed event data into the Martech stack. 

Doing this will help marketing leaders to identify their potential attendees and employ a more targeted approach to reach them. They’ll get to understand their background and current needs and frame them accordingly to make better event recommendations. The more relevant data they collect, the more successful their event marketing strategy will be. Therefore, eliminating silos and using relevant data will help avoid event mishaps and curate more personalized experiences for users. 

Take Inspiration From Social Media Platforms  

A social media platform that is currently in trend is TikTok. Each of its videos is of 10-30 seconds, has a concise description and contains music, audio, or other storytelling elements. Moreover, the content feed is frequently optimized to align with user interests.   

But in B2B events, you can’t just share a brand message by tuning it to trending audio or unraveling all its complexities in a few seconds. However, you can take notes from TikTok and focus on creating short, personalized content. Remember that holding the attention of your attendees is the key to a successful event.   

Also, don’t forget to stick to your core value proposition. B2B professionals love to attend events that allow them to learn and network. So, make sure your content doesn’t lack value and quality. As an event marketer, you must think about creating exceptional experiences for your attendees. 

Final Words  

Implementing these ideas will not lead to successful event marketing but will also strengthen your business relationship with the attendees. This could ultimately result in a seamless sales and marketing funnel. So, waste time no more and start integrating the tips into your event marketing strategy to create a successful event with unforgettable experiences. 

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